Increase your Chances

When you decide to sell your home you want to get the best possible price. To reach that end, it is important to make sure it’s appealing to potential buyers.

Following are some hints to help increase the price you will get:

– repaint walls in high visibility room such as kitchen, living areas and baths

– choosing a neutral colour helps the buyer imagine their belongings in the house

– repair or replace loose or old hardware on cabinets

– replace worn countertops in the kitchen with new, neutral coloured ones

– replace broken, dirty or old blinds and curtains

– all appliances should be clean and in working order

– if you have wood floors and they need it, refinish them

– get the carpets professionally cleaned or consider replacing them with a neutral colour

– replace worn or outdated linoleum

– make sure all light bulbs are bright and in working order.

These tips should help attract and retain potential purchasers. A bright, clean home will indicate you maintain and care about your largest investment!


See next week for some more good ideas.