Increase your Chances – cont’d

I haven’t heard of a seller who puts their home on the market and doesn’t want to get the highest price possible.

To that end, there are definitely some things you can do to help yourself and make your property more attractive to prospective real estate buyers whether you are in Comox, Cumberland, Victoria or Winnipeg.

Following are some more hints to increase the price you are likely to achieve:

– fix leaks in ceilings and walls

– put magazines in decorative baskets and get rid of those you don’t need

– keep bills and personal papers organized and out of sight

– clean ceramic tiles and re-grout if that’s necessary

– reduce the number of personal items and clutter in each room to make it easier for prospective buyers to look at the home and make it appear cleaner and bigger

– keep kids toys organized in one area

– clean closets and put things in storage containers stacked neatly

– clean and organize the basement, attic and any storage spaces

– clean all light fixtures and ceiling fans.

Now you’re ready to have the house shown and to negotiate an offer on your property!